4 Tricksy Gadgets for Your Spying Needs

by Jeremiah on November 23, 2014

If you’re an international superspy with a license to kill, and let’s assume you are for the purposes of this article, you don’t need a trip down to Q’s labs for the latest tech – a simple flick through Google will do.

Indeed, everyone seems to have a penchant for gadgets. Commercially available drones, voice recognition phones, watches that monitor your heart rate – without even realising it, we’ve all turned into James Bond.

But there are gadgets that can turn you from average Jo to high-flying spy with one simple purchase. Here are just a few.

Spy watcher

Do you long to record your rendezvous with KGB operatives, keep track of your secret lair or simply keep an eye on your home when you’re on holiday? Then spy cameras with wireless capabilities are exactly what you need.

The best of these cameras have full recording capabilities, allowing you to watch back footage for any clues. And with full Wi-Fi features, you can view your camera from any internet ready device.

The mobile is not enough

Are you ever in the cinema and someone begins speaking on their phone, as though the basic rules of etiquette don’t apply to them? Or on a date and your companion just keeps staring at their mobile like some endless tome of wonder?

The mobile phone jammer should sort that out. With a range of over 30 metres, you can knock out phone signals with the flick of a switch. No longer will you have to put up with people talking inanely beside you!

A view to the night

“Night time is my time,” claimed pop supremo Sky Ferreira, and she’s not the only one. Night owls are everywhere. It’s the perfect time to look out into the inky darkness and perform some secret agent sleuthing.

To see into the depths of the night, invest in a decent pair of night vision goggles. Unless you’re searching for some military precision peepers, a mid-priced pair will give you a clear range of sight in even the darkest hours.

There are even claims that goggles available in glorious Technicolor will soon be a reality, so keep your eyes peeled.

Get your spy ears on

Have you ever seen someone you know in deep conversation but been too far away to hear what they’re saying? Suffer no more – with the Motokata Bionic Ear Hearing Amplifier your lugs will be able to hear almost anything.

Sounds in the surrounding area will be amplified by up to 50 decibels, giving you the chance to hear all your mate’s salacious gossip. Just make sure you don’t use your new gadgets for dodgy ends!

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