Breakthrough that Makes Bionic Eye is Now Possible

by Stephen on August 8, 2008

Eye-Mimicing Camera

I reminisce the days i watched star trek and saw the character Lieutenant Geordi La Forge with his vision enhancement-Google making him able to see the fact that he was born blind. Maybe we don’t have to wait that long. Few days ago American researchers had announced they had made a camera that can reproduce human vision. They predict it will revolutionise digital photography and video – and one day even give the gift of sight. In the latest development, the scientists have successfully developed a camera with a curved detection surface. It lets the device capture sharper images without distortion and a better field of view, as the human eye does. The device only has 256 light-sensitive pixels, unlike the thousands used in standard digital cameras, but the researchers say it should soon be possible to design one with far more. [DailyMail]

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