Canon EOS 7D Studio Version Supports Barcode Reading

by Johan on August 17, 2010

Canon has announced the availability of the EOS 7D Studio Version DSLR camera. The camera has four levels of “locking” camera controls, allowing administrators to enable the appropriate level of camera functionality for any studio operation. What’s more, the Canon EOS 7D Studio Version also boasts the Canon Barcode Solution, which helps to automate the data management required when shooting, processing and delivering images for school photoshoots and other large scale events as well as organizing medical images while maintaining patient anonymity. The Canon EOS 7D Studio Version kit includes Canon’s WFT-E5A unit, which along with an optional barcode reader can scan and seamlessly manage image and customer data through a “wired connection”. The Canon EOS 7DSV Studio Version Barcode kit is priced at $2,599, while the Canon EOS 7DSV Studio Version body only retails for $1,829. [Imaging Resource]

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