Cute Casio EX-Z85 For Girls

by Stephen on August 22, 2008

Casio EX-Z85 Compact Camera

CASIO is set to launch Exilim Zoom EX-Z85 this late August in Japan mainly for female audience. These high performing models with 9.1 million effective pixels take high definition photographs. The Auto Shutter function on the EX-Z85 shoots automatically when the subject smiles or the instant that hand shake or subject movement stops, even without the need to push the shutter button – ensuring no blurred pictures are taken. The EX-Z85 also uses the H.264 video format with high compression that produces high quality video in a relatively small file sizes. Finally EX-Z85 features automatic face recognition or face detection functions. EX-Z85 comes with stylish design and a compact size. In addition to the standard body colors, these cameras come in a rich variety of expressive colors, such as vivid pink (The EX-Z85 is available in a total of eight colors, silver, black, vivid pink, pink, blue, green, brown and orange). Price is set around $300. [Casio VIA Aving]

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