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Fujifilm Z20fd for

by Stephen on July 18, 2008

Fujifilm launches based on its blogging camera, Fujifilm Z20fd. The website is a social networking site the like of MySpace, but with a twist, they organize events for members to attend. The Z20fd camera is powerful enough to point and shoot 10 Megapixel Hi-Res images, and you get to use blog menus that allow you to resize the pictures ready for blogs and emails. It gets even better with MPEG4 video recording function that makes files ready for upload to YouTube. [Gearlog]

Hasselblad 50 Megapixel H3DII-50

by Johan on July 9, 2008

Hasselblad 50 Megapixel H3DII-50

Hasselblad comes back with the spanking new 50-megapixel H3DII-50. The camera features a 36 X 48mm Kodak sensor that generates 300MB files at 1FPS. The good news is that the owners of the H3DII-39 can trade it up for the H3DII-50. The camera will be released in October 2008. Sadly, the pricing info is still unknown. [Engadget]

Mustek DV300T Digital Camera

by Gizmo Girl on January 31, 2008

Mustek DV300T Digital Camera

Mustek has announced their first digital camera called the DV300T. It looks like a cell phone, however it is just a camera. It features a 3.1 megapixel resolution,a PMP, a voice recorder, and an e-book reader. No word on pricing or availability, but it shouldn’t be that much considering this camera isn’t at all that impressive.


Sony’s Two New HD-capable Camcorders

by Johan on June 11, 2007


Sony will release two new HD-capable camcorders. The first one is the Sony HDR-SR8 that boasts a 3.2MP video sensor and 10X optical zoom. Sony will release it on July 9th for $1,600. The second camcorder is the Sony SR5C that provides up to 100GB of storage capacity. The Sony SR5C camcorder will be launched on July 9th for $1,300.

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Canon’s Two New Digicam: SD750 And SD1000

by Johan on February 22, 2007


Canon introduced two new digital cameras in its digital ELPH line; the SD750 and SD1000. They come in stainless steel or dual-tone matte black. Both use the new Canon DIGIC III image processor, which is said to increase performance and improve image quality. The SD750 features a 3-inch LCD, touch control dials on the rear, and 3x zoom, while the SD1000 lacks the touch-stuff but provides a 2.5-inch LCD and 3x zoom. The Canon SD750 and SD1000 cost $300 and $350 respectively. These cameras will be released in March, 2007.

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Happy Christmas

by Jeremiah on December 25, 2006

Happy Christmas from TechFresh

Hey guys thanks for supporting TechFresh Digital Cameras this year and we hope you have an awesome Christmas and a kick ass time with friends and family! :)

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