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BenQ DC C1020 and DC C1220 Announced

by Johan on May 15, 2009

BenQ DC C1020 and DC C1220 Announced

BenQ Europe has recently introduced two new members from its C series compact digital camera. The 10MP DC C1020 and the 12MP DC C1220 feature a 3x optical zoom lens, Super-Shake-Free mode with high-ISO supported, Smile Catch mode and video recording with optical zoom at a resolution of 16:9 (720×400) with 30 frames per second. The C1020 has a 2.5-inch LCD (6.3 cm diagonal) in a silver body, meanwhile the C1220 features a 2.7-inch LCD in a black body. No word on pricing so far. [dcviews]

BenQ DC C1060 Digital Camera

by Johan on October 9, 2008

BenQ Unveils DC C1060 Compact Camera

The BenQ DC C1060 is a 10MP compact digital camera that boasts a 2.7-inch LCD screen and 3x optical zoom. The DC C1060 also adopts a “Super Shake Free” system and Smile Catch to capture best quality pictures and 10 creative photos frames to give the photos an individual touch. It records video at 720 x 400 or 640 x 480 resolution. What makes this camera cool is that it comes with a stylish leather texture grip. No word on pricing or release date at this time. However, I am sure the company will release the DC C1060 very soon. [LetsGoDigital]

BenQ T850 Thin Digital Camera

by Johan on May 29, 2008

BenQ T850 Thin Digital Camera

BenQ comes back with its brand new thin digicam. The BenQ T850 is a 8MP digital camera that measures only 15mm in thickness. The camera also features 3x optical zoom lens, ISO 1600, stainless steel body, 3 inch touch screen LCD display, face recognition technology, anti-shake mechanism and SDHC memory card slot. No word on pricing or availability yet. See more pictures after the jump to get more details. [PhotographyBLOG] Read more

BenQ Drops E800, C850, and C750 Digital Cameras

by Gizmo Girl on April 23, 2008


BenQ will be launching 3 new digital cameras. The first one is the E800 which is an 8-megapixel shooter, featuring a 3x optical zoom, a 2.7-inch LCD, ISO settings up to 1600, and face-tracking and smile-catching features. The C850 and C750 both come with leather-wrapped handles with all the same specs with the C750 having only seven megapixels. No word on prices. But the C850 and C750 will be in Europe and the Asia Pacific region this month while the E800 will be dropping worldwide the end of May. [Engadget]

BenQ X-800 Digital Camera

by Gizmo Girl on January 15, 2008

BenQ X-800 Digital Camera

BenQ has just dropped the new X-800 model and so far the specs are as follows: 3x optical zoom, 3-inch LCD, digital image stabilization, VGA movie mode, and a non-standard microSD slot. The X-800 should be available sometime this quarter for an uknown price.


BenQ High-ISO X-835 Digital Camera

by Gizmo Girl on December 16, 2007

BenQ High-ISO X-835 Camera

BenQ is releasing their brand new X-835 digital camera.It’s an eight-megapixel compact and well known for its high ISO sensitivities enabling it to capture images with ambient light where it might otherwise need flash. Additional features include: a Pentax lens with 3x optical zoom, previews images on a 2.5-inch LCD, storage consists of 16MB of internal memory, SD/SDHC slot that supports cards up to 4GB in size, and your choice of black or red. There’s no pricing or availability info yet, however.

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