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Fujifilm Z20fd for

by Stephen on July 18, 2008

Fujifilm launches based on its blogging camera, Fujifilm Z20fd. The website is a social networking site the like of MySpace, but with a twist, they organize events for members to attend. The Z20fd camera is powerful enough to point and shoot 10 Megapixel Hi-Res images, and you get to use blog menus that allow you to resize the pictures ready for blogs and emails. It gets even better with MPEG4 video recording function that makes files ready for upload to YouTube. [Gearlog]

Unique Spy Cameras

by Johan on October 23, 2006

Unique Spy Cameras

If you want to be like James Bond, taking shots of your bloggers co-workers slacking off in a covert manner to show your boss why you deserve a promotion instead of them. You might need these cameras. Don’t expect the quality of commercial digital cameras with all the bells and whistles such as flash and a high megapixel count. You might get VGA-quality photos as found on entry-level cellphones. There is no word on pricing and availability at the moment. More pictures after the jump!

Via UberGizmo and Spluch.

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