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HP Webcam HD 5210

by Johan on September 14, 2011

HP Webcam HD 5210

As the name suggests, the HP Webcam HD 5210 is a Skype-certified high-definition webcam that allows users to 720p video streaming or record video in full 1080p HD resolution. This high-end webcam features two premium noise-cancelling stereo microphones, an auto-focus lens, the company’s TrueVision auto light exposure, a face tracking, and a 5x digital zoom. Additionally, it can also capture 13MP still photos. The HP Webcam HD 5210 will be launched on September 21, 2011 for $99. [HP]

HP has entered the high definition portable camcorder market by releasing the V5020u digital camcorder. This portable video recorder offers full 1080p HD recording with electronic image stabilization via a built-in gyroscopic sensor that prevents image blur caused by camcorder movements. The new V5020u also features a 10x digital zoom, a 2-inch LCD screen, a 5MP sensor, an SDHC slot, the ability to record H.264 videos, a motion detection feature, and an HDMI port. Each purchase comes equipped with a wrist strap, a cleaning cloth, an HDMI cable, and a carrying pouch. The HP V5020u camcorder will be launched in October 2010 for $159. [Chipchick]

HP Unveils New Digicams And Camcorders At The PMA 2010 Tradeshow

HP has unveiled their latest cameras and camcorders at PMA. The premium HP CW450t and HP PW460t point-and-shoot digital cameras come equipped with a 2.7-inch and a 3-inch LCD touchscreen displays, respectively. Both cameras has a 4X optical zoom, a newly designed touch interface for viewing photos with the simple swipe of a finger, and support up to 32GB SD/SDHC memory. Available in blue and merlot, the CW450t is priced at $109 a pop. Meanwhile, the PW460t is available in pink and charcoal gray for $149 each.

The latest HP touchscreen digital camcorders, the V5061u and V5560u, feature a 3-inch LCD touchscreen displays, 1,080p HD recording and motion-detection capabilities. Additionally, the V5560u features a 5X optical zoom and a lithium-ion battery. The V5061u provides a dual SD/SDHC memory card and an option to install AA batteries if the lithium-ion battery is not charged. The V5560u and V5061u are priced at $199 and $169, respectively.

HP has also introduced the $99 CW450 and $129 SW450 camcorders with a 4x zooms, the $149 PW550z with a 5x zoom, and the $109 V1020h camcorder that can record 720p videos. [Press Release]

HP DF710C2 Digital Picture Frame To Show Your Picture Collection

If you are a photographer who wants to show off your photo collection, then you can consider to buy the latest digital picture frame from HP. Known as the HP DF710C2, this 7-inch digital display provides a 128MB of internal memory to enjoy and share your favourite pictures with family and friends, all without a computer. You just need to remove the memory card from your digital camera, and then insert it into the digital picture frame. The HP df710c2 supports most commonly used memory cards. [Product Page]

HP EW193AA Webcam

by Isaiah on September 7, 2009

HP EW193AA Webcam

Need a portable webcam for your desktop? Well, why not grab one of this EW193AA Webcam from HP. This particular webcam comes with a side snapshot button allowing you to take quick snapshots (1024 x 768) with the push of a button. Apart from that, the webcam is also capable of capturing VGA video in 640 x 480 resolution at 30fps. Perfect for video e-mail, video calls, instant messaging and video conferencing. The HP EW193AA Webcam retails for $39.99. [Product Page]

HP Elite Auto Focus Webcam

by Gizmo Girl on March 31, 2008

HP Elite Auto Focus Webcam

HP will be dropping the new Elite Auto Focus Webcam which is compatible with most PC-based video chat programs such as (Yahoo, Skype, MS Messenger, AIM), and comes with USB 2.0, a 3 megapixel CMOS camera capable of shooting video ranging from 640 x 480 pixels at 30fps with a quality of 1,600 x 1,200 at 5fps, a built-in stereo microphone, face tracking and Magic-i video effects software, 3 programmable buttons, and a sliding “privacy cover”. No word on the pricing, but I’d imagine it wont be cheap with all the fancy features it has. [DigitalHome]

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