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JVC 4K2K 60p Camera with The World's First High Res Projector

JVC is the first manufacturer in the world that introduced the 4K2K 60p camera that produces four times the resolution of Full HD (1,920 x 1,080). The 4K2K camera is able to provide 60 progressive frame live signal output and 8.29MP 4K2K (3,840 horizontal x 2,160 vertical), ultra-high-resolution images. The camera is also supported by a high-resolution Super Hi-Vision (SHV) D-ILA projector that can project video at 33-megapixels with 10,000 lumens of brightness and a staggering 5,500:1 contrast ratio. JVC’s special high-speed data transmission format enables the 4K2K 60p signal processing unit to be located up to a maximum 100m (328ft) away from the camera for a higher degree of movement for more active shooting. Read more

JVC 8K and 4K Camcorders

by Johan on May 13, 2009

JVC 8K and 4K Camcorders

JVC has developed 4K and 8K video recorder that come with D-ILA technology. These camcorder will be able to capture videos at the resolution of 8,912 x 4,320 or 3,840 x 2,160. However, there is no info on when these camcorders are going to be launched. Stay tuned for more updates. [JVC]

JVC Everio X GZ-X900 Camcorder

by Johan on March 4, 2009

JVC Everio X GZ-X900 Camcorder

JVC will launch the Everio X GZ-X900 camcorder in June for $1000. It comes in a new brick-like form factor and boasts 1080p resolution recording, 1,000 TV lines to sample from, the ability to capture 9-megapixel shots at 15fps, while 60fps shots are snapped at 5.3-megapixels. You can record slow motion effects in your recordings at 640 x 72 resolution and 600fps. [JVC Everio]

JVC GY-HM100U Camcorder

Check out the latest handheld camcorder from JVC, the GY-HM100U. It’s capable to record videos in Native Final cut format, enabling you to copy and edit files right away without conversion or transcoding. Videos will be recorded on dual SDHC memory cards in full HD formats. This prosumer camcorder will set you back $3,995. For more details check out JVC official website. [Ubergizmo] Read more

JVC Everio GZ-HD320 And GZ-HD300

by Martin Lee on January 14, 2009

JVC Everio GZ-HD320 And GZ-HD300

This morning JVC presents its latest Everio HDD camcorder with the GZ-HD320 and GZHD300 camcorder in CES. The GZ-HD300 equipped with 60GB Hard Disk Drive/microSD/SDHC Card, while the 
GZ-HD320 with 120GB Hard Disk Drive/microSD/SDHC Card. Not only that, The Camera are compatible with YouTube Video and have 20x optical zoom. You also have the possibility to record your video directly on a DVD if needed without the needs to use a PC. [Akihabara]

JVC Everio GZ-MG840 and Everio GZ-MG880 Camcorders

The Everio GZ-MG840 and Everio GZ-MG880 are two new camcorders from Victor JVC that comes equipped with 60GB and 120GB of hard disk drive, respectively. These YouTube-friendly camcorders provide 1/6 inch CCD sensor with a 32x optical zoom, and 2.7 inch LCD screen. The JVC Everio GZ-MG840 and Everio GZ-MG880 are priced at 70,000 Yens (€580) and 75,000 Yens (€620), respectively. [Product Page]

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