Excellent Partner for DSLR, Epson P-7000 / P-6000

by Stephen on August 6, 2008

Epson P7000 Photo Viewer

Epson has announced a new generation tool, essential for professional photographers who travel frequently. Epson P-7000 offers superior image quality, plus a high-capacity, 160GB hard drive. It is a perfect partner to your digital SLR camera. With P-7000, viewing and backing up your images have never been easier. The viewer displays over 16.7 million colors, with zoom function to examine fine details. It reads JPEG and RAW file support and it also comes with Audio/video output to display content in other media such as TV. P-6000 will feature the same functions, except it offers only 80 GB capacity, half its P-7000 counterpart. Both models will be available in September at Epson for $799 for P-7000 and $599 for P-6000, although price may vary in retails. [Epson]

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