Hitachi DZ-HS301 and DZ-HS303 Hybrid Camcorders

by Johan on December 6, 2006

Hitachi DZ-HS301 and DZ-HS303 Hybrid Camcorders

Hitachi has two new camcorders with DVD burning capabilities. They are the DZ-HS301 and the DZ-HS303, that feature support for DVD-RAM, DVD±RW and DVD-R and also “One Touch Dubbing” by which it doesn’t make it necessary to have a host PC to perform video burning. The total memory of these cameras is about 8GB, enough to store quite a lot of media. The DZ-HS301 has a 1.3MP sensor with 800x digital zoom, while the DZ-HS303 has a greater 3.3MP sensor with a 500x digital zoom. Both devices have a 2.7 inch wide display. The DZ-HS301 costs around US$1449 and the DZ-HS303 costs about US$1649.

Via Newlaunches.

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