Hitachi Wooo DZ-HS303 DVD Camcorder

by Johan on August 6, 2006

Hitachi Wooo DZ-HS303 DVD Camcorder

Hitachi will launch Wooo DZ-HS303, the latest DVD camcorder and claims to be the first of DVD camcorder with both a DVD and hard drive. Using this camcorder, you can capture six hours of footage to an 8GB MicroDrive or one hour of video on a disc. Other specifications include a 10x optical zoom, standard 2.7 inch LCD, and a 3MP CCD. With the weight of 560 grams, The Wooo DZ-HS303 will be available for 130,000 yen or around $1,132 and will be launched this August 30.

Via Hitachi.

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