How to Edit Instagram Video with Wondershare Video Editor

by Jeremiah on February 26, 2014

The music industry has grown into a completely different kind of business since the moment the internet appeared. Thanks to the advances in computer technology there are many artists who are now able to create professional video clips without having to spend a lot of money in the process. The days of having to hire a very expensive group of people to edit and release a music video are long gone and now anyone with a computer and decent video editing software like Wondershare can create amazing clips for their music. In this article we are going to talk about Instagram and how you can edit your videos to use them in this important social media promotion service.

Since social media came in to the market there are a lot more way for people to publish and promote their products, services and artistic creations. Places like Facebook and Twitter have been great for artists to launch their careers into a higher level of popularity without having to be signed to any record labels. Now there are even more places that can be great for artists to do some promoting and one of the best that are currently available is probably Instagram and their 15 second micro-video feature. This has become so popular that according to internet marketing experts, micro-videos will be one of the most popular and useful ways to advertise any kind of business in 2014.

This is one of the main reasons why so many popular artists have started to create 15 second teasers that show clips from their latest music videos. According to a marketing study, the average attention span to advertisement a person will have is between 6 and 15 seconds and this is why the micro-video strategy is so useful. At first the only way to publish videos on Instagram was to record them with your phone and immediately upload them. This gave very little room for editing and marketers need more flexibility. Now thanks to video editors like Wondershare, you can create amazing 15 second clips and then optimize the export settings to be able to upload them to Instagram.

The problem with Instagram is that you can’t just upload any video format you and you need to encode your video with very specific settings if you want it to be playable on the Instagram network. First you need to create the entire video with all the excellent features that Wondershare has available for you. You can do all sorts of editing with it and there is a wide variety of effects and transitions that you can use to make your video look even more professional. Once you have created the final product you need to make sure that you export with the following settings:

Video Format: QuickTime Video codec H.264
Width: 640
Height: 640
Frame Rate: 29.97
Sample Rate: 44100 Hz

Once you have exported the video with those setting you will be able to upload into Instagram it will work perfectly. The Wondershare software is capable of producing high quality material that you can use for professional marketing campaigns online. Many successful independent artists have been using this software for the creation of their music videos and the results that some of them have shown are truly out of this world.

You can be sure that you will be able to make a very competitive product with Wondershare and the learning curve for the software is very short. The interface is very intuitive and easy to use and the system requirements are fairly low even when you are using several layers and a lot of effects on your videos.

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