JVC Everio S Series Camcorders For YouTube Lovers

by Johan on May 20, 2008

JVC Everio S Series Camcorders For YouTube Lovers

The new camcorder from JVC that is specially made for YouTube lovers. The JVC Everio S series feature a one-touch button for uploading videos to YouTube. These lightweight camcorders record video directly to SD cards instead of a built-in hard drive. Its rechargeable battery provides up to 2 hours and 5 minutes of operation, but you can replace it with higher capacity 4 and 6 hour models as needed. The GZ-MS100 camcorder will be available in June for $349.99. This is how the camcorder works.

Once the provided CyberLink software is installed on a Windows® PC, uploading video clips to YouTube™ is quick and easy. The camcorder has an UPLOAD button that works in two ways. In the camera mode, press UPLOAD and then the trigger, and this limits recordings to 10 minutes in length, which matches the YouTube™ file size limit. This eliminates the need to manually time recordings or go back to edit and shorten footage. After recording is done, connect the GZ-MS100 to a PC via a USB cable and press the UPLOAD button. This automatically launches the supplied application for uploading to YouTube™. After just a few mouse clicks the video will be up on the Internet for everybody to see. The original video quality is maintained in the camera, so it can be used for any other purpose.


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