Logitec Consumer Drive Recorder

by Johan on November 7, 2010

The Logitec LVR-SD100BK is a new drive recorder for consumer-level market. The device comes equipped with a crash sensor that automatically saves data sixty seconds before and after the event. There is also a recording button, allowing you to save a sixty-second video whenever you want. The Logitec LVR-SD100BK also features an LCD screen, so you can review the data on the spot, while a red-white-yellow RCA port allows for analog video exporting to a portable movie player. Other specs include a memory card for storage expansion, a three-axis sensor that records the orientation of the car and a built-in microphone. Each purchase comes equipped with a 2GB SD card, which is enough to record up to 2.5-hour of video. The Logitec LVR-SD100BK drive recorder will be launched in mid-November 2010. [Akihabara]

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