RED Epic-X S35 ‘Tattoo’

by Isaiah on November 3, 2009

RED Epic-X S35 'Tattoo'

RED’s founder, Jim Jannard has released some informations about the company’s upcoming modular digital stills and motion picture camera ‘Epic-X’. This completely modular system is said to feature a new MYSTERIUM-X 5K sensor, interchangeable lens mounts supporting RED, Canon and Nikon lenses with full electronic aperture and focus control, a sensitivity range of ISO 200/24 to ISO 8000/40, various movie resolutions and frame rates, multiple recording options, independent stills and motion modes, a touchscreen LCD control option, a 5-axis adjustable sensor plate and more. The first working prototypes of the Epic-X ‘Tattoo’ are slated to be released in late 2009 for $28,000 each. [PhotographyBlog]

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