SeaLife Mini II Dive And Sport Digital Camera

by Johan on February 16, 2011

SeaLife has introduced its revolutionary 9-megapixel Mini II Dive and Sport digital camera to capture all of your great underwater and outdoor adventures. This rugged digicam is truly amphibious, bringing an end to the days of protecting your camera from the elements with plastic bags and hard cases. The SeaLife Mini II has been tested and guaranteed to operate underwater at depths down to 130 feet. The camera’s new underwater modes are easy to use and eliminate the common blue hues of images taken underwater. The Land Auto mode automatically controls exposure and internal flash. An Easy Set-Up Mode provides a 1-2-3 graphic guide on its large 2.4-inch color LCD screen. The Spy Mode allows you to program the camera to automatically shoot continuous strings of images at pre-set intervals, which makes it perfect for capturing images of wildlife, sealife or other subjects that get scared off by people. Powered by two AAA batteries, the Mini II is compatible with SD and SDHC storage cards (up to 8GB). The SeaLife Mini II is priced at $259.95 each. [Press Release]

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