Sony New HDC-1500 Camera

by Johan on September 21, 2007

Sony New HDC-1500 Camera

Here is Sony’s latest portable camera, the Sony HDC-1500, which comprises of a newly developed CCD that provides the frame rate of 1080 60 frame progressive or field interlace according to the output required. The HDC-1500 integrates an advanced HD DSP with 14 Bit A/D converters and features an optical interface for transmission of high-quality digital data over long distances. The camera also has two HD SDI outputs and one digitally down-converted SDI output. With a high sensitivity f10 @ 2000 lux, it incorporates full featured multi-format studio/ob camera system, enhanced hdcu-1000 / 1500 control units and triax and/or fiber operation capability. Pricing info is still unknown.


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